7 Essential Steps to Build Your Dream Project by Ireen Branders

December 17, 2019

Ireen Branders

Author: Ireen Branders

Hi there! I’m Ireen Branders. Since a young age a constant dream of mine was to become an entrepreneur.  After many years of corporate and expatriate life, I have realized this dream and created Dream Building Coaching Int’l.  I would like to share the 7 essential steps to build your dream project.

Ask yourself: what is your biggest dream? A dream can be anything you are passionate about and we all have them.

Building a dream is like building a house, a skyscraper, a monument. Buildings not only need to be beautiful; they need to be strong and functional and there for it requires a lot preparation before the actual construction can start. Only those constructions will hold for a very long time and can resist the most turbulent conditions.

Look at the Egyptian pyramids. After thousands of years they are still standing, and they are even more successful than they ever were!

Building a house is a journey and as with any journey it involves research and planning. The same goes for building dreams! Building a house is more than having 4 walls, a few bedrooms and a kitchen. Likewise, building a dream is more than having a nice product, an idea, a website and funds.

As with every construction, also dreams need engineering and planning before the actual construction can start. If we fail to do so in the right way, sooner or later the dream will collapse.

Before I reveal more about the 7 essential steps to build your dream project, I would like to share some extracts (and add a few things of my own) from an article I recently read in “The Week” written by renowned architect Bud Dietrich – 7 steps to building your dream home.

  • Take it step by step in a specific order – you can’t plaster before you have built your 4 walls
  • Take your time, never rush – you might ignore your creativity and forget essentials
  • Go big or go home – dream big and make grand plans
  • Never think an idea is crazy – live your creativity –
  • Don’t settle until you have explored all possibilities – again, take your time, quick work is often half work and you might regret it later
  • Don’t let others demotivate you, they mean well, but do yourself a favor and follow your heart and intuition. By listening to negative feedback your mind will do overtime and undermine your intuition and creativity
  • You will meet obstacles on your way, but obstacles are no coincidence, nothing comes easy, obstacles are there to overcome and will make you stronger

The 7 essential steps to build your dream project by Ireen Branders

The InnerLifeSkills 7 step Dream Builder is just an as amazing way to make your dreams successful.

The 7 essential steps to build your dream project are:


Step 1: What is the Identity of your dream: YOU FISRT NEED TO BE BEFORE YOU CAN DO!!! So, this first step is about BEING and is the foundation of all the other steps.

– what is it – or who are you! If you can’t express what your dream is about, the next steps will not hold.


Step 2: What is your Vision: Go big or go home – Dream big and make grand ideas, no limitations, don’t sweat the other stuff like financing and confidence for now

What is your ultimate dream and what could it do in the world? This is another important foundation, it is a long term thinking so that like the pyramids, your dream will hold for a very long time and can keep on inspiring your niche markets.


Step 3: Voice: Is how you will get the word out, talk about your dream to attract your niche markets (to make your foundation even stronger). This is where the Elevator Pitch comes in!


Step 4: Relate:  Life is all about Relationships!

How do we connect to others to realize this dream, who do we need to help us realizing this dream? We must build relationships to make the dream happen. Even getting to know your competitors.

Step 5: Truth: How do I strengthen my dream by values. Once you have built the previous steps, this one will come easy. It is all about how I create credibility, it is about trust and integrity. ALWAYS RETURN TO THE BEING to remind yourself of what you stand for.

Step 6: Power: What finances do I need, what choices do I need to take and what are the responsibilities

Step 7: Action: What systems do I need to realize a successful dream

See how every step builds on the next one! See that without an IDENTITY you cannot start working on VISION and that Identity and Vision are the foundations of VOICE. How could one give Voice to one’s dream if not knowing what it is and what it could do to the world. And so, we move step by step, stacking one building block on top of the other, making sure that the previous block has been worked out and we are clear about every detail, so it is solid enough to support the others. Ensuring further that the next one, and the next one are equally solid so that the entire dream can hold forever. These are the 7 essential steps to build your dream project.


Colleen Joy – InnerLifeSkills

Bud Dietrich – 7 steps to building your dream home

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