Dream Building Coaching Int'l.

Build and live your dreams now!

Ireen Branders Coaching & Training

Build and live your dreams now!

Ireen Branders Coaching & Training

Build and live your dreams now!

Dream Building Coaching Int'l.

Build and live your dreams now!

Our Mission

Everyone has dreams, whether it is writing a book, setting up a business, traveling around the world, having a happy relationship, motivating your team, expanding your business or achieving company goals.

But many dreams just remain dreams because we are too busy, don’t have time or inspiration, lack the finances or just don’t know where to start. And when we do start building our dream it often fails because we  we have not prepared enough for it.

It is here that the Dream Building Program for Corporate and Individual Training was created to empower and to make it all happen. It involves critical and logical steps which are often overseen but yet so important.


1. Group Training

For corporates and organizations who wish to empower their teams to become innovative, motivated and contribute to your company’s goals.

2. Learn how to Coach

Live your dream and learn international accredited coaching skills or build your Dream Team using coaching skills and the Enneagram.

3. Expatriate Spouse Programs

Upskill yourself to be the commander in chief of your total well-being before, during and after expat life.

4. Life & Enneagram Coaching

Re-discover your Wholeness and re-claim the beautiful person you are and transform the Caterpillar into a Butterfly.

5. Business Coaching

Activating the Entrepreneur in you because we want to make sure you can live your dreams and life to the fullest. Start the business of your dreams today.

What do we do?

 We will train or coach you in every step of the way so you can realize 

 any dream you might have.

A snapshot of what our services include:

– Getting new insights around yourself or your project

– Working towards positive and future focused steps to realize goals

– How to deal with obstacles like limited beliefs and lack of self-confidence  

– How to transform these limiting beliefs into new, positive and innovative 


– Offer a unique 7- step method to realize dreams

– Use the Enneagram as a tool for personal growth and to improve 

   relationships at work, at home or amongst friends

– Build your DREAM TEAM

– Coach Certifications: Coach 101 – Professional Coach – Master Coach

– Enneagram Trainings for Coaches and everyone who wants to work on 

   personal growth

– Empowerment Training: Intuition – Personal Power – Dream Building

   Relate to Great – Systemic Coaching –

Who do we help?

We are in service of Coaching and Training individuals as well as groups to pursue their dreams.

What is your dream?

Let people fall in love with your creations and create them in an inspiring and successful way.

What is your biggest dream?

How long have you dreamed of this dream?

How important is this dream to you?

Imagine your dream has come true... How would that make you feel? How will you live it?

When will you start creating those dreams?

Whether you are an individual or organization, we can help you achieve your dreams.

About Ireen Branders

Photography by Karen Meyer Copyright 2019

Thoughts from recent clients…

Ireen has coached me in the Enneagram, a guide to better understand yourself and others’ personalities and every step has been awesome and revealing. It has been a path to towards self- growth, self- acceptance and acceptance of others. I can really imagine how powerful this system is to improve all kinds of relationships. Including the relationship with yourself!

It helped me a lot to know who I am and showed me how to respond in certain situations in daily life.

I can recommend everyone to follow these sessions with Ireen.

Besides her coaching skills, she is also a very warm and engaged person.

Inge Devos

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